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Volume One

In "THE LIGHTHOUSE" an oddball trio go on a mission to save their  home. The only problem is, they're ghosts! Then a misshapen man-monster  discovers the true face of evil in "TAD THE MONSTER." A girl becomes a samurai to battle pure evil in "NIGHT OF THE DEMON." And a boy unearths the undead nightmare slumbering beneath the surface of a vacation paradise in "ZOMBIES OF THE CARIBBEAN."

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Volume Two

Meet "MADISON BANE: WEREWOLF P.I." a 14-year-old werewolf who uses her super-sleuthing senses to solve crime! Journey to the Wild West in "COWBOYS & VAMPIRES" as a blood-thirsty horde take over a small town! Descend into a  city of the dead, on a quest to steal a priceless gem in "THE THIEF OF NEVERNOR." And a very unlikely duo try to save the world from an infestation of deadly phantoms in "GHOSTS OF THE GRIM GRAY TOWERS."

Volume Three

Teenage werewolf detective MADISON BANE returns, suffering from "A BAD CASE OF TECHNOPHOBIA." Then a trio of teens stumble upon a forgotten, zombie-infested, World War Two bunker that hides a monster-sized secret, in "NAZI FRANKENSTEIN." Then, don’t go in the woods—seriously! Because a small town's evil past has come back… to hunt for children! Tremble at the epic novella, "THE TREE WITCH.”  

Volume Four

In "GOOD BOY," a faithful dog must overcome the impossible to save his young master. Then we revisit Oma, the thief of Nevernor, as she is forced into a terrifying audience with the evil Emperor, in "THE FEAST OF NEVERNOR." In the story "TENTACLES," we join a troubled boy who's begun to see monsters everywhere! And finally, a perfectly average kid gets thrust into a battle between two ancient gods from the dawn of time in the epic novella, "WARREN SPRIGG: MONST’R BRAWL’R of WALM’R RD."

Volume Five

In "SPACESHIP SPINACH," two super-powered boys escape a top secret
government lab in their quest to find the source of the alien DNA causing their unbelievable mutations. But will they succeed before the army tracks them down and “terminates” the project? Then Kaiyo returns in another hair-raising tale of martial arts mayhem, as she battles to the death with the monstrosity from the "TEMPLE OF THE BEAST." And in the novella, "CURSE OF THE PIRATE’S TREASURE," Dani mysteriously travels back in time, only to find herself captive to a band of bloodthirsty buccaneers, caught in an epic sea-battle! All this and more, including: Crowscratch in love! What?! How is that possible?! Find out inside!!


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