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“…A superb storyteller.”

“…Fun and frightening!”

“…Beautifully written.”

“Thoroughly recommend!”

“…Riveting, interesting, scary, with warmth and humor.”

“5 out of 5 stars!”
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The Haunted Library series takes you on spine-chilling journeys into the supernatural, with tales of fright and fun. In these collections of short stories and novellas you'll meet unforgettable characters, and explore fantastical worlds where teenage werewolves solve crime, monsters save the girl, and vampires save the day! Author and illustrator Crowscratch combines horror, humor, and heart to bring you the very best in twisted, tantalizing, terrifying tales! Recommended for ages 9 and up, but fun for adults too—making them the perfect read-along, horror treat!

Free Short Story!

 NIGHT OF THE DEMON is available absolutely free! Set in medieval Japan, it tells the terrifying tale of Kaiyo, a young serving girl forced to fight a shape-shifting demon!

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